Use Vastu Before Purchasing Apartment

Vastu Shastra plays important role in bringing bliss and luxury in new flat, which is an ancient science.
It offers some rules and principles according to which if we construct living units, then we get positive energy flow in every room, which provides harmonized life.
According to flats in Bhiwadi some important rules are considered before selecting an apartment which brings prosperity and health to family.

Tips of Vastu To purchase Flats:-
1. On Tuesday and Saturday never book and shift into new flats.
2. Different flats have different Vastu rules.
3. Never go for such flats whose North-East or South-West corners cut off.
4. Drainage should be permissible in North, North-West, or in the Western part of flat.
5. North or East should be considering for the slope of the balcony of the Apartment.
6. Prefer south-west corner for building room on the terrace.
7. Elevator should not be face the main entrance.
8. Do not purchase flat which has balcony only in the South.

Space is less, then what To Do:–
1. Put heavy materials and goods in South and West Direction
2. Put Water Jar in North-East Corner instead of any Item or it must be vacant.
3. Kitchen built in any corner, but gas connection should be in West or South-West direction.
4. To bring more money and prosperity while sleeping head should be in East or South Direction.
5. If main door is in inauspicious direction, then close it and put a mirror in front of it so evil powers looking their own images then, go away.
6. Puja Ghar is in the West or East or North East Direction and God Idol should be face west or east.
7. Drawing room should be in East or North-West Side while studying room in the Eastern or northern wall.
8. South direction of apartment should be chosen to place stock or storing Items.

Best Flat Quality
1. Apartment having balconies in East and North are best.
2. Middle quality flats have balcony in West.
3. Rectangular and Square flat is better to purchase as flow of energy is not hindered.
4. Apartments having windows in east and north are auspicious and purchased according to Vastu Shastra.
5. Colors bring smiles and happiness on face so yellow, white, green, blue, paints Apartment are important to purchase.

According to flats in Bhiwadi many flat owners are not consider Vastu Shastra previously, but with the technological changes such as Internet which brings immense knowledge in life of people provide them what apartment they choose and what effects from it taking into consideration Bhiwadi Flats are organized to bring prosperity and happiness on face of flat purchaser and what and client want nothing only suitable location and best result in life.