Real Estate Fraud

This is an activity that is purposely done to misrepresent information on real estate documents. It also involves the money transfers. It is also called mortgage fraud. The reason that it is referred to as this is that the fraud generally takes place with the mortgage application. Real estate fraud, in the United States, can have heavy penalties like imprisonment and large fines.

Such a crime can be committed in many different ways. It appears to happen more often when property prices are on the rise. Because of the simplicity of the fraud, some types are seen more than other frauds. Some are not as common because they are more complicated. One of the common forms of such fraud, according to the IRS is preparing two settlement statement sets that are different from each other. In one of the statements, the accurate property-selling price is written, which the buyer receives. The other one will depict a higher selling price that is exaggerated. When the mortgage lender approves the loan for the exaggerated price, the seller is given the amount that is stated in their copy of the settlement statement. The one who committed the fraudulent settlement statements will keep the money that is left over. If there are other conspirators, the money will be divided among them. It could be the entire excess money or a percentage of it.

Using qualification that are fraudulent is another type of real estate fraud. These fraudulent qualifications are used when applying for a mortgage or home loan to help them get the mortgage. In this form of real estate fraud, the real estate agent will usually assist the buyer. The fraudulent qualifications can include fabricating credit reports or history of employment. These two involve the obvious misrepresentation of data but not all real estate fraud is easy to see as these two examples. If buyers who do not intend to commit real estate fraud because they do not know the laws can accidentally commit mortgage fraud.

If a buyer has a down payment by using money that was given as a gift it is legal. If this gift is re-paid to the who gave the gift, this is considered a case of real estate fraud. The gift used to make a down payment cannot be repaid for it to be legal. Another type of property fraud is when the buyer accidentally fails to disclose any financial liabilities on their mortgage application. It becomes fraud when it is not taken care of before the loan is approved. Property flipping can become real estate fraud if you make false representations about the value and condition of the property when you sell it for a much higher price than you paid for the property.

The real Estate Bubble Is A Hoax

Those who watch television and listen to the media long enough, more than likely will begin to hear about the real estate bubble and its affects on the national economy and stock market. Recently, the media has begun to talk about their theory that the bubble is soon to burst, and they have done an excellent job of creating a hype about their theory, which actually has no merit whatsoever. Before investors get taken away in a media hype that suggests the real estate bubble is going to break, one needs to get a basic understanding of the real estate market and how it works.

First of all, it is important to understand that, in reality, there is no national real estate market. The real estate market is much more localized and can not be studied or judged on a national level. From state to state, and even from town to town, the real estate market is going to vary greatly, and it is a grave error to try to base your understanding of real estate on a supposed national market that does not exist.

It is also important to understand that the real estate market as a whole neither explodes nor crashes. Real estate is a market that can go down in some areas while going up in other areas. Even when the market does appear to be going down in some places, much of the time it has only fallen flat instead of continuing to increase, which makes it appear like there is a problem with value going down. Even when the real estate market goes up or down, it takes a long time to see changes that occur across the board. While real estate prices do fluctuate and go through cycles, it is important to realize that the economy of a country is not going to crash if property values start to go down a bit or they hold steady instead of increasing.

Some people tend to view the real estate market as they do the stock market, and the two are very different. The real estate market cannot be viewed as a national market, and much of the time, it is actually based on local economies and how they are doing. On the other hand, the stock market is based on national merit and the rise and fall of the stock market has very little to do with the price of real estate.

In some communities, it is true that the price of real estate is going down, but if one looks closely, there are a variety of reasons that cause it to lose value. In some cases, it is simply the fact that a city has built too many new houses, which can make it appear as if the real estate market is going down. If you are going to invest in real estate, there are a variety of economic trends that you should consider to be sure that the market is going to stay strong in the area.

One thing that assures a strong real estate market is the arrival of more and more immigrants to the United States every year. Another thing that assures a strong real estate market is the later age at which people are getting married. Many are not getting married until they are in their middle to late 30s and this is resulting in even more single people purchasing their own homes. The interest rates are also helping to keep the real estate market strong, and since they are lower than ever before, it is easy for people to get the home loan they need.

Those who are interested in investing in real estate need to throw away the concept of the real estate bubble and the idea of a national real estate market. Broad statistics, including national, state, and even city statistics, will, in reality, be no help when you are looking for properties to invest in. It is more important that investors look closely at the real estate market in certain neighborhoods and communities and that they look at relevant material such as average prices in the area, number of times the property has been on the market, and how the sales prices have changed since the last year. Keeping your focus local and small will help you find the best real estate investment properties.

While the media may be trying to convince people that the real estate bubble is about to burst and that there may be a real estate market crash, there is no proof to back this up. In some cases, people are not building as many homes as a result of this news and it is actually causing real estate prices to go up since the demand is high and the supply is low. Investors need to understand that the market need not affect how successful they can be as a real estate investor. Investors that understand how real estate works will be able to find great investment properties that will make them money.

Being successful as a real estate investor does not depend on the market or the real estate bubble, but it depends on how good an investor is at their job. Those who take the time to study communities and to look at local statistics will be able to find the best places to invest. If an investor relies on the media, there may be failure in the future, but a well planned and well studied investment can lead to profit and success.

The Advantage Of Having A Licensed Customs House Broker In Customs Trade Compliance

There are several companies that specialize in customs trade compliance consulting. The complexities of importing and exporting through the borders of the United States coupled with the “reasonable care” that U.S. companies are required to exercise in regards to federal regulations make it almost impossible to conduct business outside of the country without the assistance of a customs trade consultant. To ensure the highest level of compliance and understanding of international trade regulations, better customs trade compliance firms have a licensed Customs House Broker on staff or contracted.

What is a Licensed Customs House Broker?

A licensed Customs House Broker is usually a lawyer who specializes in customs trade regulations and laws. In the United States, they are licensed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency after a background check and examination. A Custom House Broker has the expertise in import documentation necessary to clear freight through customs. Depending on the business and products being imported, it is usually necessary to coordinate clearance with additional government agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or various other applicable government agencies that establish regulations on different kinds of products. The Customs House Broker is generally the cornerstone of any customs trade compliance department or customs trade compliance consulting firm.

What are Some Types of Documentation that a Customs House Broker Handles?

Businesses that import into or export out of the United States have several types of documentation to provide to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency as well as to various other agencies responsible for allowing different types of products to go out of or into the country. The actual forms will vary between the federal agencies but essentially involve declarations, tariff calculations and payment of duties and fees. There are also certain licenses that have to be obtained before engaging in international trade that the customs house broker will handle.

What Kind of Customs House Broker Should I Consult for My Business?

Custom House Brokers can be very specialized in their area of import and export expertise. Some specialize in foods, textiles, clothing or various other kinds of goods. The easiest way to ensure that you have the appropriate type of broker is to contract a customs trade consulting firm with a good reputation in the applicable industry. Although essential, the customs house broker is but one contributing factor to proper trade compliance. There are other key factors that must be addressed within the companys operations that a customs trade compliance consultant will address to ensure compliance.

Why Do I Need a Customs Trade Compliance Consultant?

In addition to ensuring all the necessary documentation is expedited by the customs house broker, a customs trade compliance consulting firm will ensure that customs trade compliance is observed throughout the companys operations. Proper compliance is never achieved as a final step solely but is incorporated into various levels of operation. This is achieved by formulating processes to be implemented by the company employees and training them to adhere to practices that will fulfill federal guidelines.

Fixing The House Or Breaking The Law The Scoop On Hiring An Illegal Maid

An illegal immigrant is a person who has crossed a national border in any manner that violates the laws of immigration. People do this for a variety of reasons. Some feel this is their way out of poverty. They come to the United States to look for work. You may come across someone like this who seems to need your help. Perhaps you are looking for an affordable way to keep your home clean. You may consider the possibility of hiring an illegal immigrant as a maid. In that scenario, it would seem that both parties have something to gain.

Is it Wrong to Hire an Illegal Immigrant Maid?

On one hand, seeing a person in a desperate situation can naturally make a person want to help. The person may be very nice and just in a bad predicament. Your job offer could help feed this person’s family. Another reason people may wish to hire an illegal immigrant as a maid is to possibly get the labor for a lower amount than they would normally pay, because an illegal immigrant will not report them for substandard pay due to having an illegal status.

On the other hand, when considering whether or not to hire an illegal immigrant maid, it is important to remember that there are consequences that can go along with offering that help. Consider the fact that if you do, you could possibly be charged with a felony.

An alternative does exist in encouraging this person to apply for the guest worker program, which, if approved, would allow an illegal immigrant to remain legally employed without the risk of deportation. The guest worker program is a way for illegal immigrants to temporarily remain in the U.S. for employment purposes. Qualifying for the guest worker program will take away the risk of deportation.


As mentioned on, knowingly encouraging or harboring an illegal alien, by assisting him or her in finding work or by providing employment, is a violation of federal law. Employment is defined as any service or labor. Is a maid considered an employee? The answer is not simple. Some may consider maid services to be domestic services.

According to The Boston Globe, a border protection chief is facing criminal charges for hiring illegal immigrants as maids. Perhaps a solution for him before hiring these maids could have been to encourage the illegal immigrants to apply for the guest worker program. If they had been approved, they could have been legally employed by him.

International Purchase – New Zealand Real Estate

So you have decided to purchase New Zealand real estate and move overseas. You scanned the worlds property journals and decided that this is your best international real estate investment, and that New Zealand is the place you want to turn into your new home. Well, your work is not complete yet, there is the little factor of the actual physical move. Simply purchasing New Zealand real estate does not get you moved in. As with any international real estate situation, there are some factors you must consider.

First of all, you will need to find out if the New Zealand government will allow you to immigrate to their country. There are a number of ways to qualify to live in your New Zealand real estate on a regular basis, but be sure you can do it. With their point system, New Zealand immigration favors the college educated, young, healthy people with certain job skills. The best way to find out if you qualify for immigration to New Zealand, you should visit their government website or consider an immigration consultant. So perhaps before your New Zealand real estate purchase you should consider whether or not you can get there as a factor in making that your international real estate purchase.

Okay so you have figured out that New Zealand real estate is the way to go and that you are going to be able to immigrate. What are you going to do about a job? Remember that when you were thinking about your international real estate purchase that you factored in your employment options. Well now its time to actually get your job that will help pay for your New Zealand real estate investment.

The bad news is that most people who move to New Zealand and get a job will make about half as much as they did in the United States for the same work. However, the good news is that if you have a degree or work experience in high demand fields (for New Zealand, those are I.T., construction, the arts, or film making believe it or not) you will not have any trouble actually a getting job. Your job will likely be enough to pay for a modest amount of New Zealand real estate, groceries, and fun. The other good news is that the average job in New Zealand gives about two to three weeks of vacation a year to new employees, and there are a number of basic holidays to look forward to as well.

So buying New Zealand real estate may be a good decision in the international real estate market, but make sure to consider all factors. You need to realize what you are getting into, that you will be allowed to immigrate, and that you will be able to find a job doing what you need to or want to. If those factors are something you have thought through and are able to deal with, then New Zealand real estate is the path for you after all.

Analogy of a Flock of Birds to Innovation and Intellectual House Challenges

Have you actually sat in amazement viewing a neighborhood flock of birds as they make swift and abrupt directional adjustments and the flock follows? When viewing regional bird flocks you can see best away that they are considerably various than migrating bird flocks, as the migrating birds fly in a straight line. With prolonged-distance migrations it’s obvious they do this for the aerodynamic advantage.

By the way, this article is sponsored by oven fresh bites bird food. A gourmet bird food that is oven baked to perfection. I’d like you to sit back and feel about it for a second as I examine this to the improvements and changes in any given market, as the business leaders jockey to placement with new innovations, investigation and progress, and other organizations comply with them. Sometimes, the market has a very beneficial strategy the place it is heading in the long term, but it does not know specifically how to get there – or the exact intended vacation spot – only that it will finally get

They are certainly innovators in the market of personalized tech, individual computer systems, and who is aware of what else in the long term? Every time they innovate the flock follows. Other providers hang way back again, they take it painless devoid of hoping to battle for pole position, or keep up with them. In essence the following businesses, the imitators, and the copiers of their improvements, patents, and intellectual property expend a great deal less power, whilst you could loosely say they are still part of the flock (industry).

One particular could ask which method is improved? Flying in the wake of the leader, and therefore in their slipstream like Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France, or hanging way back again in the “Peloton” and flying much less distance each and every time the flock turns a distinct route, it even now acquiring to the indie destination with the relaxation of the birds.

In a flock of birds, the main birds probably get to mate with the other birds of their alternative, and they continue being at the top rated of the pecking buy. Simply because of all that fancy flying and very hard operate they are probably also stronger birds, much more physically fit, and that also is a benefit.

There will generally be leaders in any sector or area, and there will often be leeches attaching themselves along for the experience. Some would say that the best system is to be the lead bird, or take benefit as frequently as achievable working with the “to start with to market place theory,” and yet, I would suggest to you in this day and age of rapid prototyping, ferocious private tech branding and promoting rollouts, that being initial to marketplace might possibly not be prudent or even protected. Okay, but we note that numerous of the initial movers of new technological know-how do get pleasure from somewhat of an benefit – but not generally.

For each and every Apple, Google, or Microsoft there are tens of thousands of firms, startups, venture capital funded innovative firms that are no longer with us. They also were initial in their industry, they invested tons of income branding and marketing and advertising, setting up distribution channels, only to have the older birds, copy their solutions, innovations, and imitating their prototypes – therefore, capturing most of the marketplace share in the finish.

Following all, they too landed at the destination, though less tired, with much less dollars expended, and they had loads of vitality to partake in the income, worms, or foods obtainable at the vacation spot in the market.

Recently, we have been viewing tons of lawsuits concerning Apple and other competing, imitating corporations. A number of of these firms have been abroad and they have possibly ripped off proprietary info, stolen patents, or outright copied Apple’s products and solutions.

In China most of the shoppers imagine that it is insane to spend the full cost for American products, when you can acquire an specific replica or imitation for a 10th of the value. In fact you would be deemed unwise, stupid, and not prudent if you made the decision to do the proper point and acquire the unique somewhat than the fake duplicate.

This signifies if you are functioning in a corporation and you get a authentic Microsoft system, or Apple products you would be thought to be stupid, and possibly not a incredibly wonderful manager with dollars and as a result you wouldn’t get promoted in your firm – other employees would truly laugh at you for your unwise conclusion to do the suitable issue. There is an inherent dilemma in the tradition variations between Americans and Chinese in that regard.

When we get into the debates of pharmaceuticals we see the very same matter. In the United States it costs a huge quantity of funds to obtain a number of types of medicines, but in areas like Africa they acquire knock-offs from other destinations exactly where they have damaged the patents made the identical chemical compound and use those as a substitute, in simple fact in Africa they need the drug treatments for absolutely free. This will mean that the corporation that spent the investigation and improvement, invested in the patents, and went by means of the onerous method by the FDA, and in the meantime invested hundreds of thousands and thousands of bucks in some circumstances loses out.

Thus, a single could good reason that imitating is a completely all-natural point to take place. And even if we have laws of patents and intellectual home in the United States, those organizations, small business owners, and other cultures don’t have an understanding of what we are talking about.

Of program, as soon as we start off borrowing their technologies it is awesome how easily they rediscover why patents and intellectual property rights are very important. In a lot of situations if you can innovate, and continually stay on the leading edge of technologies and hold transferring quickly you can lead the flock and become the winning bird. If we want more powerful birds (Eagles) we are heading to have to rewards flourishing innovation, not to the stage that they get lazy, but to the level that they can advantage from the homework and development, with out attracting a large flock of followers. If we fail to do this we will come across less corporations innovating and we will sluggish down the technological know-how progression. If you are from engineering you might possibly favor that principle, but if you are for the advancement of mankind you can see why this is so essential.

I would submit to you that upcoming time you watch a flock of birds flying locally as they twist and turn, you may possibly consider about the dynamics of innovation in the marketplace, all the challenges that we encounter in our world, and what we will need to do to make sure that the sport stays honest for all worried. We have got to reward the leaders of the Flock if we are going to proceed racing close to the innovation clock. This article is sponsored by oven fresh bites bird food. This gourmet bird food is designed to be a favorite of your avian pet. Oven Fresh Bites bird food is the only gourmet bird food that is nutritious, all natural and a oven baked.

Startling Burglary Stats For Apartment Dwellers

What do these numbers have in common?

There have been numerous reports that the crime rate in the United States is on the decline. Preliminary numbers on 2009″s Uniform Crime Report (UCR), from the FBI, which aggregates data from police departments all over the country, do indeed show that overall crime was down. Using a 10 year average is a popular way many police departments claim the claim is lower.

After a little digging on this topic, it was surprising. Especially for anyone who has read this headline the news, “despite recession crime is down in the US.” The national averages and 10 year data range comparisons distort the reality of crime numbers.

The research conducted focused on three specific cities, to find out what is really happening in our neighborhoods. It is for individuals that aren”t interested in crime rates when compared to 1999, but rather knowing the pulse of crime in 2010 vs. 2009. More specifically, the investigation focused on home security and apartment security in Boston, Houston and Oakland.

What did we find?

While overall crime is indeed down, burglary is skyrocketing in many cities large and small.

For many years cities have focused on reducing the violent crime rate and have neglected property crime. The result is that burglary is on the rise and your safety in your own home is increasingly in question.

54{8dac5dcb9f942b09754d29d206f8ecad2fe1c20701ee3d2765cee79f805470e6} rise in burglaries in Boston, Massachusetts.
47{8dac5dcb9f942b09754d29d206f8ecad2fe1c20701ee3d2765cee79f805470e6} rise in residential robberies in Oakland, California.
(This means burglars are entering homes more frequently with weapons)
17{8dac5dcb9f942b09754d29d206f8ecad2fe1c20701ee3d2765cee79f805470e6} rise in non-violent burglaries in Oakland
22{8dac5dcb9f942b09754d29d206f8ecad2fe1c20701ee3d2765cee79f805470e6} rise in burglaries Houston, Texas, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.
Apartments are especially vulnerable.

Houston, in particular, reported that apartment buildings have been repeatedly targeted this year. Burglars are seeking ways to hit multiple apartments in one building and increase their yield of easy-money electronics. This statistic might surprise you – 60 apartment buildings were hit by burglars more than 20 times each last year!

This highlights why apartment security is such a concern. Apartments are 85{8dac5dcb9f942b09754d29d206f8ecad2fe1c20701ee3d2765cee79f805470e6} more likely to get robbed than any other domicile (as reported by The National Crime Prevention Council).

While these are just three cities, they represent three very different parts of our country and share a common problem: burglary.

What You Can Do

~ Pay Attention. Oakland’s burglary Detective, Oliver Cunningham, says this: “Most important of all is for communities to remain alert and involved. Residents should always pay attention to any suspicious vehicles in the neighborhood. Slow down and look. Just glare at them. I”m telling you, that will scare the living-you-know what out of them. Burglars spread information through word of mouth, and if a neighborhood has a reputation for having nosey neighbors, criminals may choose to avoid it.”

~ Get to Know Your Neighbors. Getting to know your neighbors will help build a strong apartment community. You’ll be more likely to notice if someone looks out of place if you are familiar with those living around you.

~ Protect Your Property. Seems like common sense, right? How many renters or apartment owners do you know that have a security system in place? Not many? Not surprising. There is a stigma that security systems are both cumbersome and expensive. This is not the case anymore. There are wireless units, like SimpliSafe, that take less than a minute to install and have monitoring programs available for less than $15 per month.

These three simple steps can help keep your family and belongings safe and secure.

Different House Wall Construction Methods, And Which Is Right For Your Family

When you are in the process of evaluating home plans at a reputable online stock house plan website, there is more to consider than simply the number of beds/baths, the heated space square footage, the floor plan layout, and the Architectural style. You should also consider the building construction methods to be used by your homebuilder, and in particular, if the stock house plan wall construction type is optimal for the climate in your local region, and your needs.

Choosing a stock house plan and building with an appropriate wall type can save you many thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs over the years, will make your home more comfortable to live in, and may help to protect your home if an extreme natural event such as a hurricane or tornado should affect your local region. Selecting a stock house plan with a wall type suitable for your area is critical.

The easiest, quickest, and likely the most versatile stock house plan wall construction method is the 2×4 stud wall. The 2×4 wall construction method is, usually, the most inexpensive, offers sufficient strength for most areas, and is normally suitable for most regions in the U.S.

However, in certain parts of the United States, a 2×4 wall may not allow enough space for insulation, and as such, a 2×6 wall may be used. In the 2×6 wall construction, the additional 2 inches of wall space can be filled with additional insulation which can add an additional level of interior comfort for the homeowner. Also it should be noted that, although a 2×6 residential wall construction will be more expensive initially, the additional insulation and space can save you a significant amount in future heating and cooling costs.

One additional stock house plan wall construction type is ICF or Insulated Concrete Forms. In certain areas of the United States, it may be common to build with the ICF walls, which offer some of the highest levels of insulation and significant strength and durability. In addition, the ICF wall construction may be preferable in certain areas of the country prone to extreme weather, temperatures, and high winds. Also, this type of
stock house plan wall construction is usually more expensive than either 2×4 wall or 2×6 wall construction, but may provide you with the features that you need in your area of the country.

Most high-quality stock house plans that you find on the internet, will have one or more stock house plan wall construction methods included in the plan package. If your desired wall type is not included in the standard plan package, you can usually have the designer provide you with a reasonable quote to modify the design to other wall types.

Can You Afford To Rent An Apartment In Manhattan NYC

Manhattan is a world all its own. Being the heart of NYC and connected to the rest of the world with access to JFK International Airport makes it easy to go where you want, but with Manhattan being an island, there’s a level of separation from the rest of that world which makes it totally unique. Even though the lifestyle in Manhattan does have its perks and expenses, the question isn’t can you afford to rent an apartment in Manhattan, if you want to be a part of that lifestyle, how can you not afford an apartment in Manhattan?

With a quick look online, you’ll see that there are dozens of awesome Manhattan apartments for rent. It isn’t if you can find a place to live (which used to be the real challenge) but what part of Manhattan do you want to live in? If you need access to the city and JFK, finding an apartment close to a subway station may be all you need. But with great areas to live such as 5th Avenue and the theater district, you’ll be right at the heart of culture and fine art at the same time. If your main drive in life is Wall Street, then finding a great apartment to rent will make that walk to work a breeze, and if you want to soak in the history of New York, and the United States as a whole, then you can find apartments for rent in Manhattan near the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations building and the center of New York which is the seat of the city’s government and home to much of its employment, entertainment and business centers.

As the oldest of NYC’s boroughs, Manhattan is referred to “the city” by the residents of the others, making it truly the heart of New York City. With such structures as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the GE Building dominating the landscape, and as the home of the now destroyed World Trade Center, as well as being the landing point of millions of immigrants in the decades following the Civil War, the history and impact on the world that Manhattan has in the world is undeniable. Finding a great apartment to rent in Manhattan means you’re sitting in the heart of much of the history of the United States and of the world as a whole. Again, the question is, if you want to be a real part of New York, and live the Manhattan lifestyle, how can you not afford to find a great apartment in Manhattan for rent? When Ryan Clawson relocated, he wanted to find Manhattan apartments that would be close to all that the city has to offer. From single bedrooms to luxury apartments and more, Archstone has the Midtown, Manhattan or New York City apartments you’re looking for.

Emergis Capital Group Launches Aspire Panama Real Estate Service For High Net Worth Individuals.

Emergis Capital Group launches Aspire Panama Real Estate Service for High Net Worth Individuals.

Panama, Rep. of Panama, Aug. 4th, 2008 Emergis Capital Group, a financial and real estate services firm based in Panama City, launched Aspire Panama Real Estate service. The service is geared towards owners and purchasers of high-end, luxury real estate properties in beachside and mountainside resort towns in Panama. The service is part of Emergis Capital Groups Real Estate Practice and complements other services that the company offers to high-net- worth individuals including Corporate Finance and Advisory services to majority stockholders and board members of companies in Latin America.

The properties showcased by the Aspire service are added to the Emergis database after close consultation with the property owners. A consultative approach is taken towards the sale and purchase of high end real estate in Panama. The service was created by Emergis as this market niche is underserved by traditional real estate brokers in Panama. Many traditional real estate companies in Panama are not professional, their brokers do not speak English and they do not provide value added services. The Aspire service is all about providing the customer with peace of mind that their real estate transaction will be handled professionally. An Aspire representative will handle all of the legal, title and insurance related transactions through its partnerships with service providers in Panama. Additionally, if the purchaser of the property is from the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, Aspire will facilitate the financing of the property at attractive terms that allow the borrower to make payments in their home country.

Emergis has direct contact with top luxury real estate developers in Panama and can negotiate on behalf of its customers to obtain the best terms on a property purchase. Aspire also maintains a database of interested buyers of luxury high end Panama real estate that it can effectively shop its unique property offerings to.

Panama is a growing market for retirees and people from overseas purchasing a second or vacation home. Emergis seeks to serve the needs of finding and financing that perfect residence for this market through its Aspire service.