Enjoying Christmas at the White House

Although dashing through the snow towards the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue property that the world calls the White House might get you tackled by Secret Service or put on a watch list, one can still enjoy reminiscing how Christmas at the White House has become something nationally covered like the World Series. What kind of fun, photos and rumors will fly this holiday season when the Blue Room is lit up? One can only speculate – we have put together something fun to consider when paparazzi and newspapers try and peek in at President Obama hanging lights from the front of his mansion-office.

Yuletide Tree Shopping One of the first questions millions of political fanatics ask during the holiday season is when the Presidential family has purchased their Christmas tree. The tree has been picked out from Peak Farms located in North Carolina and will be ready to illuminate the Blue Room following Thanksgiving. I wonder when the president will enact the proposed $.15 tax on fresh cut trees proposed several years ago by the USDA!

Gold Star Tree Aside from the normal 19 foot tree in the Blue Room, another excellent token defining Christmas at the White House is the large golden tree which commemorates our fallen troops and those continually giving their lives for our freedom. The First Lady is credited with this idea, much like her choice to not allow Barack to cook, although I’m sure from his roots that any meal he prepares would be delectable.

2012 White House Christmas Ornament To honor past presidential office holders, this year’s Christmas at the White House will include the 2012 ornament for sale with William Howard Taft being the chosen president. The ornaments will be available for sale on the whitehouse.gov website once we’ve crept closer to the holiday, and should sell for around $14.95 plus shipping and maybe a deposit towards our national debt. Ok, we can only dream, right?

The Holidays at the White House Are Memorable Dazzling music, elaborate decorations and many wonderful news articles epitomize Christmas at the White House, generally a time for remembering holidays that have passed us by while making wonderful meals, playing fun games and hoping that our economy will sustain after the billions of dollars being spent on the holidays will not throw ourselves into further indebtedness. Themed Christmas trees first appeared in our Capitol Building back in the 1960’s yet have evolved into more technological showcases these days.

Captured wonderfully through pictures and inspiring words is White House social media correspondent and author Jennifer Pickens’ Christmas at the White House, depicting the many traditions of presidents of our past while offering behind the scenes photography into trees and more surrounding the holidays at the White House. Enjoy the read and remember to deck the halls with memories of your own this year.