Divergent Housing Price Trends In Mumbai And National Capital Region Crisi Research

CRISIL Research expects divergent price trends during the year in Mumbai and NCR (National Capital Region), the two largest residential real estate markets in India. In 2011, prices of houses are likely to decline in Mumbai, whereas prices will rise marginally in NCR. Further, the extent of price decline will vary widely across areas in Mumbai, whereas prices will inch up uniformly across areas in NCR.
CRISIL Research studied the price trend in three major supply pockets in Mumbai and NCR western suburbs (Goregaon, Malad, Kandivali and Borivali), Thane (Ghodbunder Road), and central suburbs (Dombivli and Kalyan) in Mumbai; and Noida and the outskirts of Ghaziabad and Faridabad in NCR.

City Reality reports offer an in-depth, area-wise analysis of residential, commercial and retail segments covering 400+ areas across 88 micro markets in 10 Indian cities. Read the real estate developer ratings at CRISIL that has developed two specialized products with their real estate research that help housing customers and financial institutions understand the intricacies.

Accounting for more than 50 per cent of total planned supply in each city, these major supply pockets would represent the trend in housing prices in the whole city. Mumbai and NCR would together account for more than half the 1.5 billion sq ft housing supply planned in India’s 10 leading cities up to 2013.

In Mumbai, falling demand, owing to diminished affordability, and rising interest rates will trigger a decline in prices in 2011. Prices of houses soared by 43 per cent in 2010, in the city’s three major supply pockets. Prices thus surpassed their peak values, attained in the first half of 2008, by 26 per cent, adversely affecting housing affordability. CRISIL Research therefore expects prices in Mumbai to decline by 8-10 per cent in 2011.
In NCR, prices will move up marginally because of relatively better affordability. Prices went up only by 6 per cent in 2010 in the capital region’s three major supply pockets. Prices in these areas currently are 15-20 per cent less than their peak values in the second half of 2007, making affordability relatively better in NCR than in Mumbai. CRISIL Research therefore expects average prices in the region to move up marginally by 3-4 per cent in 2011.

“Reduced affordability and a likely increase in interest rates by the Reserve Bank of India will subdue demand and depress housing prices in Mumbai in 2011. In NCR, relatively better affordability will prop prices despite any increase in interest rates,” explains Nagarajan Narasimhan, Director – CRISIL Research.

In Mumbai, the extent of the price decline would vary widely by area. Prices in premium locations like South Mumbai and Central Mumbai, which have an excess supply of houses priced at more than Rs 50 million, would decline sharply by 15-20 per cent over the next 12 months. Prices will decline more moderately, by about 6 per cent, in areas like Vasai and Virar, where affordability would be relatively better. In NCR, with prices increasing marginally across all areas, the trend, again, will be divergent.

Real Estate Projects In Noida Gain Momentum

Real estate has gained a lot of momentum in the the Delhi NCR region. There has been a growth in the number of people who have started staying in Noida and the demand for housing and commercial buildings have also increased. With the growing number of educational and commercial complexes coming up, many real estate developers in Noida have thrived on the idea and have taken up new projects. Every day there are new housing and commercial projects coming up which are being done by the real estate companies in Noida. There are many different choices and variety of real estate projects in Noida, that a buyer is confused.

The real estate developers in Noida help the buyers make the right decision when it comes to buying properties. Buying real estate can be confusing for the buyers and that is when real estate developers come in. They have all the knowledge about real estate projects in Noida and are able to guide you in the right direction. The real estate developers have all the information and details that help the buyer make the right decisions to buy the Property in NCR, Buy Property in Delhi and Residential Property in NCR which helps in future in his liveing life. The real estate projects in Noida offer the best of everything. From gymnasium to swimming pools, the buyer is presented with attractive facilities.

They also build a market and a mini hospital near the housing projects so that the buyer does not have to go far for the basic facilities and medical help. The residential projects have been made into a small cities where everything is located at a stone throw. Noida has become a hub for educational institutions as well. There are so many colleges and institutes that have come up in the area. The students are on the lookout for houses and people tend to give their houses on rent. It is like an added income to the house owners who buy these houses from the real estate developers.

The house owners provide some great furnishings to the students so that they have a comfortable stay. Real estate is at its peak and present and is all set to gain more momentum in times to come. The schools and colleges coming up in these areas, more and more people are all set to invest in these real estate projects in Noida.

Get Tremendous Value By Making Investment In Real Estate

Are you planning to make your money invested in the right sector? Many people think real estate sector has not matured yet and it is not safe to put your money into this sector as it involves huge risk. With India soon going to be the super power, there are numerous investment opportunities in Indian real estate sector. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai have tremendous potential in terms of real estate investment opportunities. A large number of people today prefer making investment in real estate rather than agriculture or stock markets.

Today needs for urbanization has triggered the growth of real estate in India. This is the reason why a large number of real estate developers are coming up with various housing projects in different parts of the country. Today, everyone is talking about the booming real estate development in India. With the gates for foreign investment in India are open, there are much more growth possibilities in this sector. The single reason behind this boom is the growing Indian economy and growing needs for housing and urbanization.

Nowadays you would see various malls, shopping malls, multiplexes that are the real examples of booming Indian real estate market. As rural population is moving towards metros, the demand for low-cost homes is raised a lot. In order to meet this demand, various real estate developers are launching low cost housing development projects.

Being the national capital of India, Delhi offers unmatched opportunities to make investment in real estate. A large number of real estate projects are into execution in the NCR region, thus making Delhi real estate the leading one. You will see all the major real estate developers such as DLF, Amrapali, Emaar MGF, OMAXE, Bharti Realty, Mahindra have their housing projects running in NCR region.

Making an investment in real estate ensures hefty returns in future and this sector has no chances to show any type of decline in the near future. This is the reason why most of the insurance companies and finance companies putting their investors money into real estate sector.

If youre also looking to investment your money in a sector that guarantees good returns, then I would suggest making investment in real estate which is the leading investment option in todays times. Make sure to conduct a comprehensive research before choosing a real estate development company for investment purpose. This research will help you determine the best cities to investment in Delhi.

Where Do You Want to Rent Property? Take a Look in Cavite

One of the top provinces in which to rent property in the Philippines is Cavite, which is situated on the south shores of Manila Bay. Manila Bay is found in the Calabarzon region on the island of Luzon. The rent-friendly province is one of the fastest expanding provinces in the country because it is located close to Metro Manila – approximately 20 kilometers south of Manila, the capital.

Metro Manila

Metro Manila, itself, which is also known as Metropolitan Manila, is the NCR or National Capital Region of the Philippines and is the country’s seat of government. It is also the most populous region in the country. The region is made up of Manila, the capital, Quezon City (the most populated city) and the Municipality of Pateros.

An Asian Power Area

In fact, the NCR is the 7th most populated metro area in Asia. The continued urban expansion includes the provinces of Bulacan, Rizal, Batangas, and Cavite. Because the NCR is the center of economy, government, education and culture, it has been designated as a world power area.

For well over 300 years, the NCR has been regarded as the historical capital of the country and is also noted as being the seat of the country’s revolution. Independence was declared in the Philippines after the renouncement of the Spanish court on June 12, 1898. The event took place in Kawit, Cavite. As you can see, a lot of history has taken place in this area – which is also now considered a flourishing real estate market.

The Cavite Province

Cavite, which is the second smallest province in the Calabarzon region, occupies around 1,420 square kilometers, or 8.72 percent of the Calabarzon region’s entire area of land. Cavite is made up of several islands, some of which are Balot Island, which can be found at the mouth of the Ternate River, Caballo Island, La Monja Island, and El Fraile Island.

Cavite is comprised of the lowest lowland area or a coastal plain and therefore has extremely low ground level elevations. The province is also home to a central hilly area, which is typically seen on the foot slope of mountains. All in all, according to Dot Property specialists, Cavite is separated into four physiographic areas, namely the lowest lowland area, a lowland area, the central hilly area and an upland mountainous area.

A Monsoon Forest Zone

Cavite also lies in a monsoon forest zone, proven to be extremely beneficial for rainforest formation, created generally through the growth of indigenous vegetation. The rainforest area is categorized as a Protected Landscape with the remaining woods considered unclassified. Forest products such as bamboo are supplied from this region.

While part of the land is used for agriculture, the more built-up areas are utilized for residential and commercial use. According to the Census in 2007, there were 611,455 occupied residential units in Cavite. Tourism makes its presence known in the housing market in the form of leisure farms, golf courses and resorts.


Tips On How To Buy Property In Noida

Being the part of the NCR and a major industrial hub, Noida witnesses a thriving real estate market. Along with industries, Noida is also the major target of world renowned corporate sector. The emerging BPO and the software sector find the place to be apt for spreading their business. This has resulted not only the growth of the commercial realty sector but also the residential realty developments to provide homes for the growing number of urban professionals and business executives.

Whether to get your own home or simply to receive bulk investment returns, to buy property in Noida is indeed a good idea. As an investor, if you are waiting for the right time to buy property in Noida, this is perhaps the right time. The Noida property prices are appreciating, you are sure to get high returns in future.

To buy property in Noida, you would get wide choices. This can ultimately confuse you. The following tips to buy property in Noida, can help you to great extent.

Tips to Buy Property in Noida

Check the legal feasibility and due diligence in the property. If you don’t and if the property happens to have legal issues, this can put you into trouble in future. To avoid such consequences, you are advised to under go a thorough property check with respect to legal terms and conditions.

Visit the site. This would help you to get the idea of the locality where you are going to stay in future. Make sure the place is safe for you to reside peacefully. Check out how long it exactly takes to reach the nearby markets, malls, bus stops, educational institutes, hospitals and such. Take a test drive from your new home to your office and gauge the traffic you would face.

Note down the track record of the developers. This is very important. Often many investors have to wait for long to get the property possession even after payment. Make sure you do not fall in such traps. Go for a renowned builder if you are looking out for a hassle free property transaction process.

Check the correct value for money pricing of the project. Research on the prevalent Noida property prices before you buy. Either you can take help from your friends and associates or simply browse the internet to get the idea.

The Noida property dealers are quite useful. But before hiring make sure you are not a target of any fraud.

Options Of Well Furnished Studio Apartment Gurgaon

The growing demand for studio apartments Gurgaon has drawn attention of reputed builders of the region to suffice the needs of this real estate segment of affordable housing. Studio apartment is actually a self-contained spacious room comprising of living and kitchen area along with a kitchenette and attached bath. The studio apartments are also known as efficient apartments designed only for 1 or 2 people.

Since Gurgaon is growing as a major business hub of the NCR, the need for small yet luxurious apartments is increasing. The studio apartments are mainly popular among working women, students, middle cadre single executives, NRIs. For NRIs the apartments are like their second home for short and long visits.

Let us take a look at some of the studio apartment Gurgaon projects that are taken up by renowned developers.

The Villas The realty giant Emaar MGF has launched well designed studio apartments as part of the project ‘The Villas’. The Villas is located at sector 25. Though nestled at the heart of the city but most of the apartments are far from the hue and cry of the bustling urban. The studio apartments are indeed for the ones who prefer a home unlike any other.

The following are few highlights of the studio flats of the Villas.

Highlights of The Villas Studio Flats
The price starts from Rs. 55,00,000

The studio flats are apart of the ‘Villas’, which is actually a premium condominium residential complex.

The size of the flats varies from 1000 sqft to 1850 sqft
The possession of the apartments would be by February 2012.
The number of floors of the towers is ground plus eight ( G+8)

Essel Towers Plush studio apartments are available at Essel Towers. The Essel Towers is located on M.G. Road, just opposite to Gurgaon Central. The Essel Towers is located amidst shopping malls and are just 15 minutes drive away from the domestic airport.

There are many other projects coming up with the studio apartment form of accommodation. Though, the demand for this segment is yet to be explored fully, the trend setting developers like DLF and Unitech have really a viable scope to capture the growing market for studio apartment Gurgaon.

Waiting For The Real Estate Bubble To Burst

If you have been a part of the Indian real estate discussion boards, the pessimism must have gotten to you by now. Everyone seems to be preparing for a severe slump in the real estate market when all the residential property developers Noida or those in other parts of the NCR will cut off house prices by a big margin giving sharks (read: black money owners) a chance to own several properties for cheap and sell them off at higher prices when the market starts climbing after the slump cycle. What amuses us is that such predictions have been around for more than we can remember. In the beginning of 2009, some people started spreading rumors of a supposed Bubble Burst in the real estate sector.

False Expectations and the Harsh Truth
As it should have, the discussion had its effect on home buyers. They have been waiting for the bubble to burst, when the prices will be dirt cheap as compared to what it is today and they will be able to buy houses in bulk. Unfortunately though, the bubble has been thickening all this while and instead of bursting, the bubble has reinforced itself.

What people forget is that residential property developers Noida have their well wishers working in favor of them, and for the interest of the average home buyer. Besides, at the top of the hierarchy is none other than the RBI. The policy lending rates are increased on time to contain inflation, which keeps the economy balanced out. Policy makers and bureaucrats of the country are doing their bit in protecting the real estate industry from degenerating into a free-for-all market where foreign money (neither FDI nor FII) will flow in to seize advantage of the depreciating real estate value.

Even if the bubble burst, which we are sure not to happen anytime soon, businesses will overpower the average salary earner looking to own a house of his own. There was a time, not longer than five years from now, when businesses drove real estate. Today the power is with the salaried class. Unfortunately, the situation seems changing fast against the monthly salary earner. Possessed with greed, potential buyers are deciding to wait for some more time expecting that the prices will for once come down, whereas the prices have gone up significantly quarter on quarter, every year.

residential property developers Noida does not see any chances of that happening, not until 2014 or even later. The truth about real estate prices in Noida or Gurgaon or anywhere in the NCR for that matter is that, it is not going to decrease. Instead of waiting for a dubious future, we advise you to begin researching real estate developers in Noida and Gurgaon before things go way out of your reach.

Real Estate Companies In Delhi And You

The moment we think about Real Estate, we think about properties, residential projects, commercial projects, and investment. Once hit hard by the global financial downturn, Real Estate is now back on the right track. When talking about the Real Estate Companies Delhi, one can see construction work in full swing. Everyday we come across numerous residential projects and/or commercial projects in Delhi and NCR. Dont we? This is possibly the best time for those who dream to own a home of their home. Financial institutes help the people by providing them with the home loans. If you too dream of buying a home of your own, this is the time you should go ahead. However, make sure that you buy your home from the Top Real Estate Developer India.

There is a number of Real Estate Companies Delhi. Many of them have their online websites where they showcase their latest projects and also tell about their past achievements. So, if you are interested in buying a home or a commercial property, make sure you go through the website of that particular Real Estate Company and check what it has done in the past. This will help you take the right decision. This will also ensure that you get the best value property for your hard-earned money. Dont invest your money without checking the credentials of the company.

Buying a home is a big investment and thus, you need to take utmost care while selecting from the Real Estate Companies Delhi. Choose the company which has been into the industry for a long time and has a number of completed projects under its belt.

You can in fact take the services of a professional Real Estate Agent who can guide you throughout the process. Also, read the property magazines available so as to know a bit about the latest happenings in the Indian Real Estate Market.

Last but not the least, use that much talked about Common Sense while browsing Real Estate Developers Delhi and dealing with them. This is the best time in the market when one can buy his/her dream home with ease. So, go for it.

The Aarone Group is a leading Delhi Based Real Estate Development Group. With over 20 years of experience in developing residential and commercial projects, we have a diverse portfolio of over 100 completed projects. Contact us and we would love to help you get the home of your dreams. We are among the leading Real Estate Companies Delhi.

A Brief Note On Noida Real Estate Scenario

Known to be the largest planned industrial township of Asia, Noida witnesses an ever expanding real estate market. The town is an emerging destination for foreign direct investments. The projected development of civil society has initiated rapid construction of state-of-the-art housing and commercial complexes in the city.

Due to the sealing drive against the unauthorized establishment of commercial businesses in Delhi, Noida authority has sold around 304.5 acre plots worth Rs 2,557 crore to five of the top notch real estate developers. The following are some information on the latest activities in the Noida real estate arena.

Noida Real Estate Scenario

The plots that are alloted to the five developers by the Noida development authority are in sectors 112, 113, 115, 116, 117 and 118. Unitech has been alloted with two plots 71 and 54 acres at the cost of Rs 1,050 crore. For 72 acres, Parsvnath Developers has paid a sum of Rs 602 crores, Omaxe has paid Rs 307 core for 37 acres, Ambience has paid Rs 323 crore for 37.5 acres and IVCRL has paid Rs 274 crore for 33 acres.

According to Rakesh Bahadur, chairman Noida Authority, the demand for office and commercial spaces in Noida. MNCs and big corporate houses are gradually expanding their bases in the city.

According to real estate experts, the insufficient availability of land in Delhi has caused the development of real estate in the suburbs. Noida scores over all other suburbs like Gurgaon and Faridabad due to the advantage of better connectivity. Noida is well connected to Delhi through the toll bridge and the expressways.

Not only good connectivity, the well developed social infrastructure of the city is far better than the rest of NCR. Hence, the future prospects of Noida are really fine.

The price for residential real estate in the newly developed areas varies from Rs 25,000 per sq m to Rs 50,000 per sq m, while the reserved parking for grouped housing is Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 per sq ft. while the price ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 75,000 per sq yrd. in case of commercial spaces.

With the completion of the Taj Express Way by 2013, the real estate prices are estimated to be increasing even further.

Indian Real Estate Market And Its Scanning

There is a sudden rise in the prices and demand of the property in India. The Delhi and NCR are also witnessing the boom in real estate market. In the last decade the prices of the property is soaring high in the Indian real estate sector. With small and big players is entering in the business the sector has showing a tremendous growth. But the one thing that comes in the mind is that, why is there a sudden boom in the real estate market. This can be attributed to the growth of India as an economic power in the world. Now the people have much purchasing power than they ever had.

Emerging Indian real estate Market

DLF, EMAAR MGF, AMARPALI and other big player of the real estate are busy in building their big projects. Many of the current projects are running on the Delhi NCR because of the availability of land there. The rise of India as one of the lucrative market for real estate sector, fuel by the tremendous growth in demand of affordable and luxury housing. People now want to have their own house and they are ready to pay any amount from their pocket. The big players are also building houses catering to every income group. There is a high demand of luxury apartments, deluxe apartment and flats. The government is also investing heavily in the real estate markets. The real estate sector is giving high returns to people who are investing in it.

Buying and selling Property online

Many People dont have time to meet agents and builders to buy property. Instead of this they put their requirements in the online real estate website. From there the agents and builders themselves reach the client and also give him details of the property. There is a huge rise in the India Real Estate Property through online. People today have become more tech savvy and they are comfortable in buying the property online. After doing research through online property website one can physically go and meet the agent and can also see the real location of the property.

Drawbacks of buying property online

In this vast online market buying property online could be a little dangerous. Though buying a property online could be of a great comfort for people. They should be aware of the fraud which they can easily get in. One should thoroughly check all the details of the agent and the builders before making any monetary transition. They should also check the credibility of the websites before surfing for the property. Dont fall easy prey and check all the details, Location, Size of the property and other essential details about the property.
If you are one of those people who dont believe in buying property online and believes in physically visiting in all locations then you should also have a thorough knowledge of the current real estate market.

Investing in the Indian real estate

Looking at the current scenario Indian real estate market is the right time for investing. With the rupee crumbling and even the prices of the gold is also volatile. Investing in the property is the right time as the return which the real estate giving is better than other funds and stocks. Many big companies are in the market the investor has a variety of choices to invest. If he does not feel confident in the private real estate firm then he has the option to invest in the government housing scheme. This is the right time to invest and making profit from the real estate market.