Shamirpet Real Estate Property In Hyderabad

The real estate india is the fasted growing sector in the country. Hyderabad is the best place and improving the business and live for like cosmopolitan cities Hyderabad. Every body think and assume the life will go smooth and smart, the life which the way. As Hyderabad grew to be a cosmopolitan city and a prominent IT capital of India, Greater Hyderabad too started gaining attention. This region has seen immense development in a short span of time owing to its ultra-modern planned structure and provision of the basic amenities. As the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad became known for large scale developments in IT sector, real estate in Hyderabad began to grow by leaps and bounds. The tremendous growth of realty industry left the city congested and choked ultimately shifting the spotlight to nearby cities like Greater Hyderabad.
Greater Hyderabad has a high population like metro cities and the rapid development of its real estate has become instrumental in supporting them. Property development trends follow similar paths in all the cities of India as consumerism patterns remain identical. There has been a swift upsurge in the demand for residential property in Greater Hyderabad chiefly because of better educational and employment opportunities.
Shamirpet is a Mandal comes under Rangareddy District and 30km north to Hyderabad city. Shamirpet is 22 km away from Secunderabad Railway station and 25 km from away from the Hyderabad Airport(Begumpet) and about 50km from New International Airport in Shamshabad (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport).

Shamirpet is famous for the Shamirpet Lake. People recognize the place by Shamirpet Lake which is also known as Pedda Chervu. Best place for picnic spot like Deer Park, Shamirpet Lake, Ratnalayam temple (Lord Venkateshwara) which is newly constructed and nice place to visit and pray god . From secunderabad , patny cross roads the drive to shamirpet is quite pleasant barring the three traffic junctions at Jubilee bus-stand and trimulgherry cross roads. After the first 7 Kms the moment you get down the Alwal flyover, the drive to shamirpet gets increasingly pleasant with nice cool breeze due the cantonment region and greenery on the sides of the roads. Katta maisamma temple is famous near the Shamirpet Lake People come there in huge lots especially during weekends.
The real estate in India is moving at a fast pace and the industry has seen the upward trend over the last few years. In terms of employment generation and GDP contribution towards the country, this industry in India ranks at second position all over the globe. All the states and cities of India are witnessing growth in real estate and Hyderabad is no exception to this. Hyderabad is undoubtedly a growing city with large number of big projects coming up like IT parks, star hotels, Textile parks, Hardware parks and many others which leads to the rise of the industry in the city.
The opening of Shamshabad International Airport which is located at a distance of only 22Kms from the city of Hyderabad has resulted in more and more international tourist visiting the place and thus gives rise to overall economy including the real estate. One of the other major factors which lead to the booming of this industry in Hyderabad is the growing IT sector which has resulted in more IT companies and its employees in the city and thus need for more properties including official complexes, residential places, and others.
No matter whether it is a commercial property or a residential one, the prices in Hyderabad are rising. Foreign as well as local investors are also showing interest in investment in Hyderabad as the city has delivered large number of successful projects from time to time. Besides the posh areas like Banjara Hill and Jubilee Hills, the outskirts of the city including Nanakramguda, Manionda, Gopanpally and others have also become the areas of real estate investment. So no matter whether you are looking for plots, apartments, offices, commercial spaces, resorts, villas or apartments, Hyderabad real estate has all your requirements.

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Reasons For Sudden Appreciation In Real Estate Prices In India.

To many this wouldnt be a new thing, I am talking about the sudden increase in residential property prices in Indian metro cities between the periods 2003 to 2007. On a macroeconomic side, it is very well documented that prior to 2003, the property prices were significantly depressed and they shot up post 2003 on account of huge demand driven by increased jobs in sunshine sectors such as IT, Auto, and services. This coupled with relatively short supply gave further rise to real estate prices.

But how did prices go up so suddenly to the tune of almost 8 – 10 times. Well, I struggled a bit to understand that phenomenon and after years of being in real estate sector, here are my two cents.

Firstly, on account of increase in jobs as well as increase in income levels, the demand for housing was tangible. However, the supply was limited and new infrastructure has to be created to cater to that rising demand. That new infrastructure (if we talk about Delhi NCR) could only be developed in new locations such as Greater Noida, New Gurgaon, Golf course extension road, Greater Faridabad, Far away Ghaziabad, and so on.

Now, simple calculations will tell us that cost of construction is about rupees 1200 per square feet (I am talking about high quality construction at current prices). Add land prices to that number, and you would arrive at rupees 1300-1400 per square feet of developed land in the new locations mentioned above. So, how could builders of these new developments in those locations sell those properties for about Rs. 2500 3000 when you have properties being sold in primary (already developed) locations such as Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad being sold for Rs. 1800 2000 per square feet. No guessing here, the prices have to move northwards in primary locations to justify the Rs. 2500 3000 in new locations.

But how do prices move northwards in primary locations? Well, tried hard and after spending some years in real estate sector came to realize that it needed vitamins, injections, or even better steroids. To illustrate it very simply, take a case of Noida where land rates in 2003 were hovering at around Rs. 800 1000 per square feet in most localities. All of a sudden builders ABC, XYZ, and few more enter the market and purchased the land plots for Rs. 3000 4000 per square feet and I am talking about the primary Noida locations here. What it meant for those builders was loss of money (maybe 50-100 crores) having bought the land at high prices when same was available at very low prices. What does it mean to Mr. Sharma, who believed that since Mr. Verma has sold his plot at Rs. 4000 per square feet, that he wouldnt sell it for anything less than the Rs. 4000. And rest as they say, residential land price of Rs. 4000 per square feet became the market price in no time.

Now, the very same builders were developing the new locations and now that the price in primary location has already been put on steroid, they can charge Rs. 2500 3000 in new locations. So, for the loss of Rs. 50-100 crores, they can now easily make thousands of crores. No fault of theirs, in a capitalist world maximizing value is the key and they did it in open market. However, presence of real estate regulator could have avoided this steroid and maybe saved the common man with pains of going to new locations when most jobs are in primary locations. Given the income levels in major metros, can you justify the prices of real estate? No, and thats where the real estate regulator could have been helpful.

House Rent In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar today has two sets of people. A happy set of people who give out their houses on rent and a worried group who plans to live on rent. House rent in Bhubaneswar has touched a new high, posing innumerable worries for the common man.

With the demand for property on the rise, house rent in Bhubaneswar has gone up considerably. It isnt just houses, even the rent being fixed for apartments is no less.. Since buying property or owning a house still continues to be a dream for many, particularly those belonging to the middle and lower income groups, house owners who have more than one property in the city or live elsewhere, fix the rent at a high price, knowing well that eventually they would find a tenant.

But the main reason behind the soaring house rent in the city is the development in the IT sector. Today, people from all over the country are migrating to this city for the ongoing projects of several companies. As a result, the need for accommodation has increased and so have the rents. However, for those from the corporate world, the increasing house rent in Bhubaneswar is hardly a matter of concern as their companies take care of it. It is the common man who suffers the most.

House rent in Bhubaneswar particularly in areas like Sahid Nagar, Janpath, Forest Park, Nayapalli and even Chandrasekharpur are astonishingly high. Even the apartments are being rented at very high rates. There are many house owners who have two or three flats and have the practice of frequently changing the tenants to increase the rent and get higher rental advance. There are government regulations such as Rent Control Act etc. which are hardly implemented.

House rent in Bhubaneswar have touched such soaring heights that people are today keen to buy flats/houses only to give them on rent. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that using properties for renting purpose today has emerged as a profitable business in the capital city of Odisha.

Why Invest In Real Estate In Hyderabad

Nowadays investing in real estate has become a popular trend, people see a big future in the real estate. Real estate dealing has also become a major source of much money for many people. All you have to do is find the right kind of property and invest in it and after a few years see the growth in investment.

Investing in real estate of Hyderabad:

Many people still have doubts about investing in real estate in Hyderabad, and the time is just right to invest in real estate. Hyderabad has gained a reputation for itself in the global market, and the city grows at a steady rate. Now is the right time to invest in property in Hyderabad, the growth in IT sector and business have prompted many people to move to Hyderabad. And the location and the beauty of the city have also influenced a lot of people to invest in property in Hyderabad. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should invest for property in Hyderabad.

Development in IT industry, international airports, and new projects like IT parks; hardware parks, star hotels etc have influenced the life of Hyderabad. All these projects make Hyderabad the most happening place to invest in property.

Many MNC have setup their Indian offices in Hyderabad, which in turn encourages more people to be employed in Hyderabad.

The cost of living is pretty low in this city when compared to other metropolitan city.

Government has many offices situated in the location.

There are various types of real estate opportunity available for you in Hyderabad; there are lands, independent homes, apartments. There are more homes and lands for sale, and with more and more people looking to buy property in Hyderabad you wont have a lot of time left.

More and more people are interested in buying property not only in the main areas like Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills. But many of them are also interested in buying property in the outskirts of the city; we see a tremendous increase in the outskirts mainly because of the IT industry. So now you can find properties of great value on the outskirt cities like Nanakramguda, Manikonda, Gopanpall of Hyderabad.

Wherever you buy property in Hyderabad, you can find all that you will need to live a comfortable life within five kilometers of your home. So when the city is growing at such a rate then it will make your investment worthwhile.

Real Estate Investing in Hyderabad offers many rewards like steady cash flow, security, long-term wealth and other tax benefits. With the city growing in such a rate you will find that the property values are always going up.

Now is the right time to invest in property in Hyderabad, and if you see the past trend of the growth of the city you will regret not purchasing property in Hyderabad. The growth of the city has also influenced many NRIs and foreigners to invest in real estate.

In-House Payroll vs Outsourced Payroll

Be it any type of business, number of employees working or how you plan to work, there is one thing that every business requests for and that’s the payroll. When talking about payroll, you have 2 options of processing it; in-house payroll and outsourcing payroll. This article helps you to choose the best option.

Payroll issues are not easy to handle and there are rules to make sure that businesses are following the correct method. It is the responsibility of the company to update if there are any changes. If you choose in-house payroll, you should make sure that you are aware of all set of rules and keep up with the changes regularly. This option takes time, money and effort. If you chose outsourcing payroll, there is no need for you to worry about the rules, as the payroll company would take care of it and will keep you updated with the changes they made. .

If it’s an in-house payroll, the staffing costs would be more. If you have knowledge on the complete procedure of payroll, then it’s well and good; if not you need to hire employees that will help you in the payroll procedure. This way, you have to spend much on training, recruitment, pensions and holidays. On the other hand, if you have a payroll company, it means you don’t need any staff and the expenses that incur are less. Apart from the staffing costs, IT costs like hardware, software, maintenance and other expenses can also be high in case of in-house payroll. To eliminate such costs, the best option is to go for an outsourcing payroll.

Outsourcing payroll can be the best option if you have required staff to perform the tasks needed. However, the outsourcing companies charge fee for the job taken, but it is quite reasonable.

Why Apartment is Better Choice in Chandigarh

Chandigarh which was once called a garden city can no longer boast of too many gardens although there is a concerted effort to retain as many gardens as possible. All now one can see in Property in Chandigarh is concrete structures i.e. commercial establishments & residential apartments. Even old Victorian type of houses which Chandigarh real estate was so famous for, have all been sold to Chandigarh real estate builders and developers who have converted them into huge apartment for sale in Chandigarh. In recent times, the Chandigarh has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the building of new projects in Zirakpur. Till recently, areas like Savitry Green and Savitry Towers had very few or no blocks, but now even these areas have started having flats for sale in Chandigarh. Ambala Road and Patiala Road are now the areas where there is a boom in the construction of apartments in Zirakpur by NK Sharma Group Of Companies. Apartments not only cheap from independent houses but also preferred from security point of view. Apartments in Zirakpur normally have their own security people stationed near the main gate and no stranger can get inside without getting their clearance. With the spate of murders in independent houses, which city has recently witnessed, it is no wonder that the sale of apartments in Chandigarh has risen quite steeply. The prices of apartments for sale will vary from locality to locality. If you were to buy a 2/3/4/ Bedroom Flats In Chandigarh/Zirakpur/Mohali apartment in areas like Savitry Green and Savitry Towers or any other main localities, you can be sure that it would cost you nothing but around half crore. But this need not dishearten anyone with a lower budget, as Chandigarh has apartments to suit any budget. 2/3 bedroom flats sell the most by Property dealers in Chandigarh, more than three or four bed rooms. If one is prepared to go slightly to the outskirts of the city, one can be sure of to get a beautiful, spacious luxury flat for the price of a small two bedroom apartment in the heart of the city. If you take up any newspaper you will see that half the paper will be filled with about sale of apartments in Chandigarh. Apartments which are built nowadays come along with amenities like water storage facilities, power back up, rain water harvesting, security, reserved parking, club house, private terrace/garden, park, gymnasium, lifts, Vastu compliant, swimming pool etc. As the radius of Chandigarh city is expanding there is property in Chandigarh coming up on the outskirts. When the IT sector was bullish, the north east, east and southeast parts of the city witnessed large-scale development in residential complexes, especially in Apartments in Zirakpur and Property in Chandigarh. Be it residential, office or rental, the city has never experienced such fast growth in its real estate scenario since recent years. Some developers are also lowering prices, by scrapping extra amenities like swimming pool, gym etc. No new projects are expected to be implemented until the market stabilizes. The focus of builders now is on completing the incomplete projects. It is an excellent period for all those who wants to invest in an apartment in Chandigarh.

Residential Apartment Projects In Pune

The city of Pune, with its renowned colleges, strawberry carts and chic-looking Osho slippers, is by all means the city of youth. Surrounded by Sahyadri hills and embellished by Mutha and Mula rivers, Pune is blessed with a beautiful weather all round the year. Furthermore, the city is home to some of the finest and biggest business houses in the country. The rampant growth in educational and business standards have seen traditional Maharashtrian values seam flawlessly with international lifestyles. Pune is seen as the next IT destination as after exploring the market potential in Maharashtra, as leading IT and ITes companies are moving to Pune. According to reports by international property research agencies, the saturation of major IT hubs has lead to a boom in the overall development of tier-III and tier- IV cities. On their look out for new technology centers, corporate leaders are ready to establish their presence it tier-III cities like Pune.

The cultural environment and lifestyle practiced in a city also attach important values to its development. Pune is considered to be a welcoming city full of friendly people, homely atmosphere and beautiful environment. This mesmeric city, as per leading real estate consultants, now ranks in top among the fastest growing cities of India in terms of real estate development.

Pune is now targeted by top investors and IT giants as their next business center leading to its fast paced growth. The entry of BPO industry and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) play a vital role in taking the property prices to unimaginable heights. The connectivity and infrastructure of the city is all set for a makeover with upgradation of its airports, railways and roads.

This city already houses some of the major industries like the automotive sector is prominent in Pune. It is home to the Automotive Research Association of India, which is responsible for the homologation of all vehicles available in India. All sectors of the automotive industry are represented, here. Automotive companies like Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mercedes Benz, Force Motors (Firodia-Group), Kinetic Motors have set ups in Pune. Automotive companies including General Motors, Volkswagen, and Fiat have set up greenfield facilities near Pune, leading the Independent to cite Pune as India’s “Motor City”. Several automotive component manufacturers like Saint-Gobain Sekurit, TATA Autocomp Systems Limited, Robert Bosch GmbH, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Visteon, and Continental Corporation are located here. Various major companies are in a flurry to introduce their presence in the city as Pune property prices will double up very soon.

In the last one year, a moderate hike of 10-25 per cent has been recorded in rates of prices of property in Pune but it is expected to increase two to three folds. Owing to the coming up of so many industries, the population of professional migrants is also rising resulting in a higher demand for housing spaces. Also, being close to important cities of Maharashtra Pune is flocked by property investors and developers from across the country which emerges for new residential property projects in pune, residential apartment projects in pune. The demand for service apartments is also surging high due to the consequently large number of professionals and tourists. Pune, today, has marked its position among the top cities that are soon to emerge as huge growth centers of India.

Real Estate Slow Down In India

There has been an overall slowdown in real estate industry and various industry players have been affected. Some factors responsible for this slowdown can be increase in interest rates, slowdown in IT industry, increase in property prices, and increase in interest rates loan rates because of which many property buyers have stepped out of market. But somehow this slowdown can bring happiness to those middle class buyers who have been eagerly waiting for the property prices to come down. In major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad real estate market has come down. Also because of increase in cost of raw materials like steel, iron and building material builders are facing difficulty of constructing property at agreed prices.

Real estate slow down in Bangalore

As realty business in Bangalore has been hit by global financial crisis because of this uncertain condition in Indian equity market and property prices builders have come in formidable situation .The condition is that approximately 400 flats or more are still vacant despite of advertisements .And the situation is same with may top builders of country. Many builders developers said they have faced a drop in new projects as compared to last year because of which condition has become worse in the market.

Real estate slow down in Hyderabad

Because of Realty business is facing a slow down developers have decided to launch special schemes to attract buyers like launching special incentive prices etc. Also prices which were at some time had gone up are now cooling off because of which there is low growth rate. There are many factors that have contributed to the present scenario and may small buyers have backed out from the scene because of high interest rate, increase in input cost and strict rules. Indias largest real estate company DLF which has built may commercial and residential projects has announced that they will make high end luxury apartments at affordable prices in Hyderabad after seeing IT and real estate slow down.

Real estate slow down in Delhi

Delhi/NCR has also been badly affected with this realty slow down .Some real estate developers or agents have shut down their business and switched to other business because of this slowdown as it was being difficult for them to survive in these conditions.

Real estate slow down in Mumbai

Mumbai Real estate is a very large market with many Top builders and developers under its belt. But there also Developers have to cut down their prices for new homes for sale as condition of market has still not improved yet. As Mumbai has a large market for supply of high-end apartments as compared to other cities still there is a fear that of oversupply as many buyers have backed out.

This may be the current situation of Realty business in major metropolitan cities but there was also a time when a handsome salary package of six figures meant a home in the heart of metropolitan city .But the property boom turned down this dream of many people .Now we can say that only rich people are finding a home for themselves in theses metropolitan cities. With trembling condition of sensex and liquidity scare in banking sector the real estate industry has to come up with ways for attracting buyers. But sources are saying that this is a temporary condition and real estate developers are hoping the conditions will improve soon

Documents Needed To Claim Hra Exemption On House For Rent Bangalore

House for rent Bangalore

* Rent receipts
* Rental agreement
HRA and Home Loan
Many people get even more confused when it comes to HRA and home loan together. But it is quite simple, really.
In a nutshell: There is no restriction in the Income Tax (IT) Act about claiming home loan and HRA benefits together.
If you are staying in a house for rent Bangalore accommodation, and have taken a home loan for purchase of a house, you can claim benefit for both HRA and the principal and interest components of the home loan.

(Please read Income Tax (IT) Benefits of a Home Loan / Housing Loan / Mortgage for more on IT benefits that you can get using a home loan).
You can claim these benefits even if you have rented out the house you have purchased through a home loan, and are yourself living in another rented accommodation.
The city where you own a house and the city where you work also has no significance: There can be different cities, or can be the same.

There are certain conditions that should be met for claiming IT benefit on HRA.
You can claim HRA exemption towards house for rent Bangalore, if:

* You receive HRA as part of your salary
* You pay the rent
* You stay in the rented house for which you pay the rent
* You do not own the house for which you are paying the rent

Thus, for example, you are paying the house for rent Bangalore in which your parents stay, but you stay in a different house. Then, you cannot claim exemption for that. You yourself should be an occupant of the house.

Following are some of the reasons considered genuine:
* The house you own is not conveniently located with respect to your workplace
* Your parents are living in the house you own. So, you have to stay in a rented place.
* The house you own is small. So, you have to rent a bigger house.
* You have rented out the house you own. And you stay in another house that you have taken on rent.
Experience is what makes a difference. Along with experience comes the mastery of the field. Along with mastery is the expertise.

Resale Apartments In Chennai, Buy Resale Apartments In Chennai

Resale Apartments in Chennai
Chennai is one of the most famous metropolitan cities of India well-known for its IT and industrial developments. The city has continuous demand for its properties from localites, migrants and also the NRIs. Therefore finding a property in Chennai in short period of time is very difficult task especially if the property is required in the main or urban area. Because of this reason many of the property buyers who are in urgent requirement of properties in urban areas often go for the resale properties.
The resale apartments in Chennai are very popular and are good in demand among the property buyers who want a comfortable residential property within the urban areas of Chennai where the land resources are almost depleted and where there is almost no or very less scope of further real estate developments.
Advantages of Buying Resale Apartments
Buying resale apartments or flats in Chennai can offer various advantages to the property buyers. First of all is that the property buyer will be able to get a readymade flat to reside. The property buyer who resided in the apartment might have furnished out all the necessary living needs in apartments and therefore the buyer may not have to put in the extra costs for furnishing them for their living needs in case they like them the same way. Resale apartments are comparatively easier to find and moreover can be quickly possessed in the case if you are required to move to the new house immediately from your current location.
In terms of location also, resale apartments can offer the best advantages than new apartment projects in Chennai which are mainly carried out the real estate developers in suburban and peripheral regions. It is easy to find resale apartments in the main centers of the city and close to prominent destinations. Therefore for those who have keen location preferences and want to possess a comfortable residential property at the heart of the city within short period of time, the resale apartments are would be good options to look out for. As compared to the distantly located new apartments, the resale apartments in Chennai are better to possess because they are located in main areas within the city and therefore offer much better security and safety as compared to the new apartment homes in far off areas. The next advantage of buying resale apartments in Chennai is that these are comparatively much affordable properties than the new posh apartments. For those who are looking for affordable property investment in Chennai can go for resale apartments as these can be found at much lower prices than the new furnished ones.
Things to Consider While Buying Resale Apartments
But along with advantages there could also be many disadvantages too. Therefore one should rather be quite selective and inspective while buying resale apartments.
The resale apartments will no doubt be the older properties therefore before buying the property buyer should check out for the quality of the apartment to ensure that it is still tough and durable or not. Before buying the resale property, it is always better to engage some professionals to check out the plumbing and electrical works in the apartment home. Inspect whether the property requires any repair or not and is any repair has already been done inspect carefully whether it has been properly done or not so that the repair and maintenance costs can be saved. Do not buy property which is more than 10 years of old. Check out for all the legal documents and make sure that the title of the property is the same as the name of the seller. Investigate properly on whether all the duties and the dues related to the property have been paid or not. Purchasing resale apartments would not be a good idea for investment but in case you require a residential property in heart of the city with short time period then opt for one but only after thorough investigation.