Chennai Real Estate

India is zooming away in real estate industry no lesser than any other part of the world. In fact India real estate is booming in all the direction be it Chennai real estate, Hyderabad real estate or Cochin real estate, all the cities are skyrocketing when it comes to real estate. A few year back Chennai real estate has shortage of housing options, but now it has superfluity of residential options. Chennai is recognized as a preferred place of corporate people and MNC. This city has earned a benchmark on three major classes financial costs, expert manpower and outstanding business environment. Chennai is a home of chief automobile sectors also and on the northern area port is gearing up with expansion of housing units. In fact the Chennai residential real estate sector is going though a change in market dynamics and over increase in real estate purchasing activity. City home loans and augmenting rates have resulted in major price escalation in past few months in Chennai.

In the last 12 months Chennai real estate sector has faced an extremely enthusiastic trend. With about magnified costs driven by BPOs, real estate had gone through an incredible growth and it has become a dream of commoner. Such a tremendous growth could be visible in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad that has extensive plans and lucrative commercial projects. Some places in Chennai such as MGR nagar and Anna nagar, which was about rupees 70 lakhs per ground in 2002, are not quoting Rupees 95 lakhs per ground. When looked on the wider term, Chennai real estate had contributed a lot to the story of increasing over all India real estate. As per a recent study Chennai real estate have established a addition of 3.5 million square feet of housing sector in past quarter and now the market is likely to catch up excellent time ahead in winter. Especially, the demand for real estate in Chennai is on a large part obsessed by the growth of IT and BPO industry. It has not only perked up the capital value of commercial property, but also fuelled the demand of residential areas.

Industry experts believe that Chennai real estate has massive demand impending in almost every sector — particularly commercial, residential and retail. It has also proved that investing in real estate Chennai has been providing many investors with activist cash flow, tax advantages and pleasure of making an impact on peoples lives. Investment property is generally the loveliest aspects of your monetary portfolio. Even the foreign funds and investors are now investing in Chennai real estate as it is fourth largest metropolitan city in India and has lot to offer the foreigners. Before investing do your required homework and do consult any expert real estate agent to defend yourself from hidden troubles. Chennai real estate is known as the recurrent wealth builder, but everything has to be done with knowledge and skills. With real estate property boom all across Chennai, you can touch the new heights of money making.

Chennai Real Estate, Buy Or Wait

Chennai is no different from the entire country, is what most of the people believe at, Chennai Real Estate also has seen no upsurge in prices in the past few months. Input costs in the real estate and construction industry have gone up tremendously.

Construction companies have to increasingly look out for land in the sub urban areas to suffice the demand existing in the market. But the major hitch in Chennai is infrastructure to support the growth in the sub urban market.

Due to these factors prices of Chennai Property also have gone up, but due to the increasing input costs in construction industry like Iron, Cement, Sand, Brick, basically due to the high cost of fuel and high inflation, apartment prices have to either further go up or prices of land have to come down.

Analysts predicted a price correction in the Chennai Real Estate market but prices have remained stable for apartments and villas, the only way for prices of land to go down is to move further away from the city, the only option for developers right now looks to be to develop integrated townships where work places and residences can be developed simultaneously, the concept of living inside the city to work might just change over the next few years.

Builders feel Chennai Property market is set for a price surge again after the political instability settles, but would not be in the magnitudes that happened before, there would be a phased controlled price rise majorly due to construction costs going up.

I personally feel, it is time to buy what you really like, negotiate with the construction company and you might get amazing prices! So go start shopping today.