Key Considerations When Renting a House or Apartment in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City,” formerly known as Saigon, offers a wide range of accommodation options. However, this raises a problem of plenty, and forces the house hunter to make decisions beforehand. Failure to do so would result in being overwhelmed with different choices and decisions that tend to dilute focus and sap energy.


The first consideration is the location. Saigon has its fair share of traffic jams so it makes sense to stay near your work place or your child’s school. The financial district where there are numerous governmental offices is at the downtown (District 1) and the district with many schools is District 2. Most of the expat-friendly amenities including supermarkets, restaurants and hospitals are also at District 2 and District 7. Make a trade-off between living near amenities and commuting times.

Apartment vs Independent House

Having zeroed in on a location, the next consideration to find a house in Saigon is to make trade-offs with regards to the type of accommodation.

The first trade-off is between an independent house and an apartment. Living in an independent house has its own advantages. The houses are invariably large, often two or three floors in height, spacious and airy. It comes with its own garden, pool, and the associated privacy. However, such benefits notwithstanding, most expats in Saigon prefer apartments. These are good reasons.

Apartments are far less of a hassle compared to independent houses. It not only costs more to maintain an independent house, the actual tasks become a hassle. Independent houses have more maintenance issues compared to apartment in any case. Very often, those who rent independent houses end up hiring a housekeeper as well. Apartments are generally more secure than independent houses as well. Most Saigon apartments have access control magnetic or biometric cards, CCTV and other security deployments in place.

Another minor consideration may be the neighbors or the atmosphere. Most Vietnameses tend to wake up early and make a lot of noise. There have been cases of neighbors raising roosters, and the cokadoodlledoo waking up neighbors all night and early morning. If you are sensitive to neighborhood noise, you may want to find an apartment for rent in Saigon in an expat dominated complex or neighborhood.

Individuals may be better off renting a room within an apartment or a guest house, which costs considerably less and offer security and convenience as well.

Furnished vs Unfurnished Apartment

The next trade-off, assuming you prefer an apartment over an independent house, is between furnished and unfurnished apartments. It is a good idea to pay higher for a furnished apartment, as it usually comes with not wardrobes, cabinets, dining and living room sets, beds and mattresses, bookshelves, curtains, and even washing machine, fridge, microwave oven, stove, telephone, Internet and cable TV. Not all furnished apartments come with all these facilities, so make sure to compare the items on offer when comparing rates. Check the furniture and equipment thoroughly for any damage and immediately report to the landlord in case of any damage. Also make sure that the contract has a clear cut wear-and-tear clause that spares the tenant from any damage to the furniture owing to normal use.

Serviced apartments and guest houses offering independent rooms usually throw in cleaning and laundry with the rent as well, making it a great option for no-hassles singles living.

Supertech Limited Launched Residential Apartment supertech Icon In Indrapuram

Supertech constructions, Located at the main NH-24, opposite Sector 62. We are providing 2/3 BHK apartments with all facilities. There are high speed lifts in each block. The layout of the building built according the vastu. Flats are spread in different areas 1000 sq. ft., 1200 sq. ft., 1719 sq. ft. and so on. Basic price of these flats is Rs. 3300/- sq. ft. this project approved by the Ghaziabad Developer Authority. A total number of 121 units in Phase I comprising of 2/3 bedroom apartments & 118 units in Phase II with only 2 bedroom option in an area of about 4,00,000 sq. ft. offering cost effective solutions to every pocket.
There is a lush green garden with different flowers which looks so attractive. There is a health club with an exclusive swimming pool, gym, multipurpose community hall, jogging track, separate area for children. We have also a mini shopping complex within the society which has separate entry gate. Covered parking space is available for your cars. There are good arrangements of security with CCTV cameras and also intercom facility is provided to each flat. Many multiplexes, entertainment hubs, shopping mall are close from it. Floor of the flats designed by the vitrified tiles and the master bedroom has laminated wooden floor. there is world class wooden work in kitchen. Green marble stone used for the kitchens slabs. Bathroom has well fitted taps and shower of stainless steel. Every flat decorated with the fancy light, tubes, fans that make your status. Oil bounded distemper and P.O.P. design used on the wall of apartments which looks pleasing. Every flat is blessed by the nature because natural air blows every time that feels good. Staircases and lift faade are also well decorated.
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A Secure House In The Baroda

Baroda is one of the famous cities in India. It is also known as cultural city of India. Baroda has become attraction for the tourist. There are number of apartments in Baroda providing great accommodation. So it is very much important for them to travel safe in one of the busiest city of India. It is very much important for the girls and you will easily find the girls moving around in the city till the late night which is unlike the other cities in India. India is consider one of the insecure country around the world as there are terrorist attacks, rape, robbery, crimes are increasing day by day. India is on 2nd rank in violent activities according to the latest research. However those crimes and activities are found very less in Baroda. So it has become very important for the people to have CCTV device for their safety.

It is hard to stop the crime even if with the proper security and people around robbery are become very easy especially at the house in Baroda. So it is advisable to have safety device at home. So installation of CCTV security camera will help you to avoid such crimes. It will detect any suspicious thing happening our house. It will record each and every moment in camera. So when we want to see it recorded we can rewind it and see it. It will be a very good proves of the any crime happen. It will help you to find any unauthorised entry especially in malls, shops, banks. Cameras settle in parking area will give prior awareness of unauthorised people. Or any unsafe or unauthorised entry will be stop. In short, it will give an eye on what is happening.

There are the many cases has proven the installation of CCTV camera are beneficial especially home in Baroda. Let’s look in to brief. Domestic violence can be seen most of the house in India. This device will give you safety in such cases as the truth behind the talk is recorded. Secondly, it will be helpful at the time when house broken. It will record everything, every face, every unauthorised entry to your house. If any valuable things are stolen from the house and the device has been installed and working properly will help you to find the theft from your house. So it has become very necessary to keep your place secure in today’s market and such devices will help you to do so.