Service Apartments In Navi Mumbai- Astute Apartment

We were 4 people came in navi mumbai for 15 days for the business purpose and we got an information about as service apartment. As our meeting was in belapur, so we have decided to have a service apartment in belapur only. As whenever we take a business trip leaving our home, we all are confronted with the challenges of a new city, and looking for a suitable accomodation and finding the suitable accomodation always a bit frustating but Choosing Astute Apartments, was the perfect decision for all of us. Astute Apartment had given us the luxury and privacy, a pefect alternative to the 3- star hotel as also make us feeling homely and economically. I really have to tell you that this decision to stay in belapur was one of the best decision. The apartment was full furnished and the service was excellent, no disturbance at all, Big space, Cleanliness, etc.
Actually one day my internet was not workin but in Astute apartment free internet service was also there as WI-FI was connected over there. So to be more precise to say that service apartment services should be like Astute Apartment. The main highlight of this service apartment is the view from the balcony was really nice and in the morning there were no noise and no disturbance at all. So we can rest till the time we want to rest. I had really felt that day was my outing and not my business trip. Malls , Market, Station and everything was in just a 5 minutes walking distance. For the first time in our meeting we were feeling like we are not in an another city as we are living in our home. Area was so much quite and relaxing that we never got in any of the hotels and i really want to tell you that service apartments is much more relaxing than any hotels, and in that also if you are selecting astute apartment than I am sure that you are going to have the best day of your life. And also in our company we have decided that whenever we will come in mumbai, we were going to stay in Astute apatment.
One more thing to say that in Astute apartments you will never ever get anything to complaint. We had came in navi mumbai for meeting but realy Astute Apartment has made a nice holiday for us.