Hiring Apartment Security Is A Smart Choice To Protect Residents, Deter Crime

As crime rates rise, many apartment communities are hiring security officers in Atlanta to provide additional protection in their communities.

It’s a smart choice, especially when you consider that apartments house many people and can be targets of crime for that reason.

Apartments have a legal responsibility to keep their properties safe. Apartment communities who have failed to hire security have been the target of lawsuit. So, for that reason, apartments have stepped up their efforts to protect residents.

But, many times, apartment communities will not hire a security guard because they have courtesy officer. A security officer and a courtesy officer have similiar functions — protecting residents and property — but there are differences between them.

The contract security officer is employed by a security agency; the courtesy officer is often employed by the apartment community. The courtesy officer is an “in-house” employee who is employed by the property management company.

The courtesy officer probably may not wear a uniform, whereas the security officer will be in uniform. Often, the courtesy officer will live on site; many times the security officer will not live on site.

Do Security Officers Provide Better Protection?
Many courtesy officers are police, but just because they are police doesn’t mean they can protect a property better. Apartment security is different than police protection. Police are not taught aparmtent security.

Also, police officers who double as police officers often work long, stressfuly days and security after their full-time jobs may be the last things on their mind. A courtesy officer is dedicated to your apartment community because it’s their only job.

By comparison, courtesty officers are civilians and may not have special arrest powers other than citizens arrests.

Tips for Hiring Apartment Security
*Do background checks. Whether you hire a courtesy officer or an off-duty olice officer, do background checks. Job references and criminal background checks protect your apartment from liability.

*Consider your apartment community’s needs. Crime is a fact of life, no mattter where you live. If you need a more dedicated security presence, a courtesy officer may be the best choice. Or, consider hiring off-duty police officers who live on site and courtesy officers for your security needs.

*Crime is a legal issue. By law, apartments must do everything they can to prevent crime. Hiring security officers is one way to prevent possible crimes from happening.

Security is an issue that apartments can’t afford to ignore. It’s a fact: Residents don’t like living in apartments where they perceive it is secure. Security often becomes a business issue, because it will be harder to retain and attract new tenants if crime is an issue.

Make your apartment community as safe as possible with apartment security from a state licensed, bonded and insured security company.