Different Types Of Locks For A House

There are many types of locks available for houses which offer varying levels of protection. Door locks and latches not only offer protection for your home but they also add a bit of character. Take for example keyless locks. There is no need to carry keys around with this type of design and with the push of a few buttons it takes a matter of seconds to enter a house. This is just one example of a lock for a house. Lets look at the keyless design in a bit more detail along with several other types.

Keyless lock

This type of lock offers a logical step forward away from the physical use of a key. An easy touch keypad provides the means to enter the house while it takes a simple push of a button to exit. Once you have closed the door behind you it will be secured on the other side. These devices are usually easy to install and they are easy to program. The types of keyless designs available include;

*Keyless Deadbolt locks.

*Keyless interior door locks.

Keyless types are available from many shops but the best choices will be found online.

Deadbolt lock

A deadbolt lock includes three main components. The first is a cylinder, then there is the bolt and finally the thumb turn. Deadbolts can be prone to break and are therefore susceptible to intruders.

Knob locks

Knob locks are mainly used for the inside of a house as they are not secure enough to be used for the main door. The cylinder is on the actual door and not inside the door which makes this type of lock incredibly vulnerable.

Baby proof door knob lock

These offer a common method of restricting children from entering rooms that are out of bounds. It is still possible for a child to take advantage of this by observing a parent for instance. So how do these types of locks prevent a child from entering a room? Basically they work as follows;

*Round doorknob type baby proof locks work when tabs are pressed firmly on each side. Friction occurs between the cover and knob and so the knob turns when the cover turns. It sounds complicated but it is a fairly simple method.

Spring latch locks

These locks are pretty easy to install, however, they provide a low level of security. They can be cheap to buy which is a bonus. There are several reasons as to why these types are prone to burglars. A device other than a key can be used to release the pressure which keeps the spring in its place. A burglar could easily take advantage of this weakness. A burglar could also smash the doorknob with a hammer for instance.

Window locks

A sliding window houses a popular type of lock. A wing nut allows the lock to be securely placed. Levels of security for this type moderate. A UPVC window lock is one of the highest quality varieties available on the market. The mechanism is built into the window which means that no extra hardware is needed. A window latch lock is perhaps one of the most common types of locks for the home. One window features a groove while the other features a hinge. Upon closing the window the hinge is turned into the groove so that it is securely locked. This type is one of the cheapest on the market, however, the level of security that it offers is moderate at best.