A Real Estate Agents Success Storyhow I Found Exlcusive Marketing Searching For My New Home

In August, I set out to find solutions and successes in the real estate market. I wanted to find now ideas and new concepts, practical marketing, viable success, and honest answers to help the crumbling real estate market. Searching through newspapers, business journals, how to manuals, and many other sources, it became obvious that I was finding the same old worn out rhetoric put out by the same people who brought this current economic disaster down upon the backs of hard working American citizens. Then one day late in August, in an exclusive part of town, I stopped for a coffee near a marketing firm I was going to, to find out how they were dealing with the current crisis. That’s when I found a real estate agent sitting in a coffee shop in an obvious state of glee and tranquility. Glancing over her shoulder while she was consumed with typing on her laptop, humming a familiar tune, I saw a yellow sticky note, it said, My New Home Search with a smiley face hanging on the top outer frame of the screen.

This was not what I had come accustomed to seeing; she had her nametag with her companies name and logo proudly positioned on her smart, yet casual blouse. This was like finding the missing link deep in the heart of the Amazon. Sitting at a table next her after getting a small cup of coffee, seated myself in a position in her line of site, so when she looked up from her screen she could not miss me. I waited for my moment. As I watched her typing I could feel her elation. Her body language spoke of a person in a state of joy and confidence. Then with a crescendo and final tap of her index finger she breathed deep, smiled and look me right in the eyes. Hello, she said waiting for my response. Coming out of my voodoo like trance, I framed a smile and returned her greeting with, Why, hello miss happiness.

My success in interviewing people over the years was to put people at ease so I could get to the root of the story. She didn’t miss a beat, Well how are you doing Mr. Inquisitive? She was as good at reading people as I was; this was going to be interesting. Better now that I found you, I replied. Again, without hesitation, she winked and said, You look like a man who is searching for an answer, have you found one?
Like a pro she framed that control question. I couldn’t help but chuckle and return her question with, Yes I have, you. Check and then the checkmate, If I could, without prying to much ask, why are you so happy? This time, like a tiger preparing its self to pounce, she placed her hands flat on the table, rose slightly, leaned forward, looked right and left to make sure imaginary people were not privy to what she was about to say and with a smile and whisper of a confident keeper of a secret she said, I just closed on my new home. She leaned back from her striking position, relaxed with confidence, grinned ear to ear as if she had just finished eating a five star meal.

There are moments when all the searching, the exclusive interviews, and marketing for information are simply preparation for the moment of revelation, this is how it always happens. I had found the answer and I quickly explained who I was and my mission. She offered to answer my questions on the condition that she remained anonymous. At least I could catch the tiger, even though I would loose the tail in the process, I continued and asked her to explain her success. Almost two hours later, a large cup of coffee, a cinnamon roll and an education on a real estate’s agents success story, I had what I was looking for. She handed me her card, gave me hug and with the stealth of an endangered Tibetan Snow Leopard she vanished as the door to the coffee shop closed.

Here is a synopsis in brevity of what she laid out for me. The key for her success came by a chance meeting at a seminar over a year ago, where she met a real estate agent who disclosed to her a new way of how to acquire qualified leads. They showed her Myhomesearchs.com and explained exclusive marketing and how, as a real estate agent, she could become a member and get exclusive qualified leads and guarantees of success at such a absurdly low cost, she could go with out her lattes for a couple of weeks and pay for it for the whole year.

Her success story was truly stunning; she had gone from living in a studio apartment in the poor part of town to buying her new dream home in one year because of the quality of the leads she had received from Myhomesearches.com. She was now the number one real estate agent in her company and the city. Her closing ratio to contacts had gone from under 20{8dac5dcb9f942b09754d29d206f8ecad2fe1c20701ee3d2765cee79f805470e6} to 95{8dac5dcb9f942b09754d29d206f8ecad2fe1c20701ee3d2765cee79f805470e6}. She know longer spent countless hours searching for leads, they came to her. She attributed her success to the exclusive marketing provided by Myhomesearches.com. Plus, the best part it, she had found her fianc who was a the 3rd lead she had received from Myhomesearches.com, she sold his house and they shared an apartment until that day I found a happy real estate agent humming a familiar tune in a little coffee shop. The tune? Here’s part of a verse: the sun will come up tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar